Startups 4 Corona

Startups 4 Corona is a community of entrepreneurs / startups / businesses with a common goal of developing solutions to fight against Corona virus and Covid-19

Community Projects

Corona Chat Bot

This project is focused on building a Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning based Chat Bot that provides answers for Corona/Covid related questions

UV Disinfection System

This project is for exploring possibilities of using Portable UV LED system to decontaminate PPE, medical environments, surfaces, doors, knobs, etc

Smart PPE

There is a need for innovation in PPE for use in the current pandemic. This project is for exploring smart PPEs manufacture to catering hospitals.

Covid Patient App

Covid Patient App is intended for connecting Covid Patients across the globe and share their experiences and knowledge

3D Printed Faceshield

This project is for the manufacture of 3D Printed face shields that cover the nose, mouth and eyes with smart ventilation

Drone Disinfection System

This project for using Drone based disinfection system to decontaminate hospital environments, and other surfaces.

Wristband Tracker

To help aid in the tracking of Covid patients and their movements

Startup Training Module

To help prospective entrepreneurs / startups with self building their websites, mobile apps and digital marketing training

Telemedicine Advisor

This is initiative to help connect with a doctor / medical professional and get answers for Corona/Covid questions