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Drone Disinfection System

In the coronavirus-stricken world, Drone Disinfection System is a blessing in disguise. Drones can play a major role to combat the spread of coronavirus. It’s high time to utilize the wonders of technology to accomplish a greater purpose. Drones can be used to disinfect contaminated regions to kill COVID-19 in less than 60 seconds of contact. They have the ability to fly inside large open spaces such as hospitals, airports, parks, warehouses, stadiums, and movie theatres. 


As a step towards safeguarding the communities from the coronavirus, it is better to minimize human interactions with the help of drones. The novel coronavirus is known to spread via respiratory droplets and by coming in touch with contaminated surfaces such as metal, utensils, etc. According to recent studies, even health workers are in the danger of getting infected by the virus. Such situations can be avoided by utilising the Drone Disinfection System. 


When compared to traditional methods, drones have the ability to spray disinfectants to kill coronavirus by 50 times more area in a given time. Along with disinfection, drones continue to minimize the harm to human operators.

If a human being is spraying disinfectant, he can cover about 4-5 km every day. A single drone has the capacity to carry 10 litres of disinfectant and cover almost 20 km in one day. Moreover, drones can also be used for public monitoring when equipped with a speaker & camera. Drones have an efficient way to utilize airborne infrared cameras for measuring body temperature to check whether a person is infected or not.

A drone is a highly efficient autonomous precision spraying tool to release disinfectant at large open areas. Agricultural drones are fantastic aerial vehicles which are helpful in carrying out the nebulizing test on open areas. Having an enormous load capacity of 10 litres, drones can nebulize almost one hectare in 15 minutes. 

This project would consist of building a Drone Disinfection System with the following features:

  • Drone will carry Disinfectant Solution

  • Drone will have Spraying system

  • Drone will fly 10 feet above surface and start spraying the disinfection



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