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3D Printed Faceshield

In reaction to the drastic shortage of protective equipment for healthcare workers, 3D Printed Faceshield project works on developing maximum protective face masks with the help of a 3D printer. 


The materials required to build a 3D printed mask are inexpensive and quite easily accessible. People who are working as firemen, police officers, doctors, grocery store staff and hospital staff can be saved from getting infected by the coronavirus with the help of face shields. 


A 3D Printed Faceshield is made up of a 3D printed headband, visor and a piece of plastic. The transparent plastic piece acts as a face shield. There is an urgent need to supply 3D printed masks, N95- masks, along with other personal protective equipment solutions. 

The 3D Printed Faceshield play a major role in protecting healthcare workers from contaminated droplets which are released by an infected patient while coughing, breathing and sneezing. 

The 3D Printed Faceshield project would require the following materials:


  • A visor

  • Plastic

  • 3D printed headband


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