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Telemedicine Advisor

The Telemedicine Advisor Project is a blessing in disguise in the current pandemic situation. Telemedicine plays a very important role in providing health care facilities to patients when there is a shortage of medical staff in hospitals. Telemedicine Advisor Project involves performing the diagnosis of a patient with the help of voice calls and video calls. The first step is to collect real-time data by special equipment such as glucometer and blood pressure monitor. 

Due to the spread of novel coronavirus, it is not highly recommended to leave your home and visit a hospital after having one or two symptoms of the virus. It is possible that you might be simply suffering from common flu or cold. At such times, a person can take suggestions from a Telemedicine Advisor while sitting at his home. Telemedicine Advisor Project is going to benefit both the people, one who is a follow-up patient and one who requires urgent medical advice. 


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