Join the IT Training Module of Startups4Corona

Join us for the Startup IT Training Module to equip yourself with Setting up IT Infrastructure by yourself

Startup IT Training Module

Developing your startup website

This training course would involve helping you build your website using WordPress

  • How to setup WordPress

  • How to create a page

  • How to add an image

  • How to add menu item

  • How to edit a page

  • How to build home page

Hosting your startup website

This course will help you to learn how to set up and use Amazon Web Services for hosting web sites and cloud computing with AWS. 

  • Introduction to Google cloud platform

  • How to host your website on Google cloud

  • How to set up Google cloud virtual machine server

CRM Software
for Startups

In this course you will learn how to pick the best CRM software for your startup system.

  • Learn the basic differences between CRM approaches

  • Know how the cost works

  • Know the basic components of the CRM 


Business Email
for Startups

This course will help you to start and run a local viral email marketing startup from your home! -How to run a profitable business by email marketing -How to create irresistible offers for your clients -How to strategically create a lead generation system

Online Payment & Payment Gateways for Startups

Learn how to create payment gateway integration for your online business. - How online payment process works - How to create stunning Paypal buttons - How to upgrade Paypal business account

Digital Marketing for Startups

This training course will help you to master digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO, Youtube, Email, Facebook Marketing, Analytics & More! - How to grow business online from scratch - How to get free traffic to your website with SEO - How to improve marketing with Google Analytics data

Develop your startup mobile app

This course will help you to make great looking startup mobile app easily and quickly. -How to create a mobile app with multiple pages
-How to create app for Android, Apple ios and Window mobile devices
-Learn the basics on how to use jQuery, Javascript, CSS, etc.

Practical accounting software for startups

This course will help you to learn basic accounting and bookeeping skills for startups. - Understand the elements of accounts for certainity - Make better financial decisions to improve income - Learn how to record transactions in Accounting equation

How to provide support services of your startup

This course will help you to enhance your customer support and differentiate your business from competition.
- How to implement strategies to ensure high quality customer service
- How to enhance your team skills
- How to effectively use social media platform