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Accounting for Startups

What will you learn?

  • Define accounting simply and understand the elements of accounting with certainty.
  • Record transactions in Accounting Equation and ledger accounts and to Balance ledger accounts.
  • Prepare Trail balance and develop an income statement and statement of financial position.
  • Develop alternative and simple formats of an income statement and statement of financial positions to analyze periodical income and financial position based on customized needs.
  • To make better financial decisions to improve income and financial position.


  • Ability to understand simple English language.
  • Desire to learn the basics of Accounting (No prior knowledge of accounting required).
  • Need to make better and informed financial decision in life and/or Business.


This course is designed to give an insight into Basic Accounting Concepts from scratch so by the end of it, the user will be able to make his/her own set of accounts to determine his/her periodical income and financial position and to make better financial decisions in life and /or Business.

The course will start with the development of a simple definition of Accounting followed by the simple explanation of the process of Accounting. A most valuable feature of this course is that it will help the user to understand elements of accounting through simple explanations and examples which will help the user to identify elements of accounting with utmost certainty.

The course is centred around ten simple financial transactions and the instructor will teach how to record them in Accounting Equation and Ledger accounts step by step using double-entry bookkeeping method and developed accounting basic magic table then based on those balances instructor will guide to prepare Trial balance and Income statement and Statement of financial position.

After preparing accounting statements instructor will guide user on how to improve financial position based on profit maximization and loss minimization process which make the course a real-life experience and a practical course.

So if you are an individual seeking to improve your financial position or if you are in the process of starting a business or if you already have a small business seeking to grow your business to new levels instructor invites you to enrol and learn how to make better financial in life and business through basic accounting statements.

Who this course is for:

  • No specific target student anyone can enrol and learn how to make better financial decisions in life or business using the basics of accounting.