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CRM Software for Startups

What will you learn?


  • How to pick a CRM system (from a NEUTRAL source)
  • Understand the parts of a CRM System
  • Know what drives the cost
  • See the options available and their pros-cons


  • No pre-requisites


    You will learn how to pick the BEST CRM solution for your business!

    There are 1000s of CRM solutions – so which one works for you?

   Avoid making an error that will cost you $1,000s to fix and tons of work hours to re-do things later on.

Instead, pick this course and learn:


  • Get the basic knowledge you will need to select a CRM system – from someone on your side


  • Know the basic components of a CRM solution
  • Learn the differences between CRM approaches
  • Figure out the system that makes sense to your business
  • Know how the costs work – how will you get charged

NOT SPONSORED BY ANY VENDOR – Get neutral advice from a practical POV

Learn from someone on your side, not the CRM sellers

Sure, you could Google a lot of this content, but let’s face it, you will end up looking at funny YouTube Videos or looking for the Lyrics of a forgotten song by the end of the hour. Instead, focus for less than an hour, and learn how CRM will help your business in a clear a practical way!

Who this course is for:

  • Company Founders, Engineers and Marketing staff trying to get a CRM system