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Support Services for Startups

What will you learn?

  • Acquire and immediately implement strategies that will ensure high-quality customer service
  • Enhance their people skills in a way that will truly differentiate them from the competition
  • Handle any complaints they receive
  • Deal with difficult or angry customers


  • There are no further requirements for this course, only the desire to attain high-quality customer service.


The course is aimed at providing you with the opportunity to enhance your people skills in a way that will truly differentiate you from the competition. We will explore different models of high-quality customer service, strategies to improve your skillsets, and tactics that your customer service representatives (CSRs) can easily acquire and implement immediately. Furthermore, you will learn how to handle any complaints you receive in a totally professional manner.

You will be introduced to the benefits of customer relationship management (CRM) and will learn how it can become the vehicle that drives up your standards of service.

Who this course is for:

  • People who need to make strategic decisions about how their customer service levels need to be adjusted
  • Customer service relationship managers
  • People in the front line of customer service
  • Everyone involved in relationship development and client acquisition